The time has come when we cannot depend upon the doctrine which comes to our ears,unless we see that it harmonizes with the Word of God.Those who would follow Christ must be grounded upon the principles of truth.They need to understand fuly what the bible teaches.This task is more imperative because now than ever exist teachings excuse liberal living. The christain culture,yes its a way of life,was never fashionable except in times when the church lost its saltiness.I feel sad when we christain tries hard to justify our shortcomings by misquoting the bible..All should become familiar with God’s Word;because satan perverts and misquotes Scripture and men follow his example by presenting part of God’s to those whom they wish to lead in false paths,withholding the part which would spoil thier plans A delibrate and popular ploy is to intenionally quote or try to build a doctrine on a verse..Verses must be compared to ascertain the validity of a doctrine..God bless…Till next time


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