The Leaders Edge Training, Inc.

BUY INI hope this benefits you as much as it did a recent client of mine. He needed some team rules to direct (instead of correct) some staff issues he was having. He invested in a hour Skype call, but here is the concepts spoken about. I hope your investment comes in application and gives your team The Leaders Edge. Agree to observe the following 5 rules in our communication. 1. Stay Positive – We emphasize solutions and what we want. We choose our words to elevate and empower each other. We examine problems and hold ourselves and each other accountable not to blame, but for the purpose of finding solutions. 2. Be Civil – We are courteous, and respectful with each other. We speak the truth without viciousness or attack. 3. Use Candor – We are straightforward, direct, and open. 4. Speak Accurately and Honestly – We speak with precision…

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