Two rare gems

Today I pause to celebrate this day..June 8 to
me is special and for ever carved in my
memory.This is because God presented to the
world two great gems and to me two great
friends. Life and literature is filled with stories
of great famous friendships.friends are
unique cos wherever we are,its friends that
really makes our world….Can will ever forget
Jonathan&David?or Abraham Lincoln&Mr
speed or Thomas jefferson&John Adams…. Its
intresting that both gems are from Ijesha/
ekiti axis.Omole oluwaseun florence and
Akande oluwashina onilede etc………(oruko po
gan).Omole its great having the honour of bn
ur frd thru thick &thin.And To you Onilede..Am
short of Words…Tis been great knowing you
and bn by ur side from SHS,PIC era to CC
now….I leave you with the words of Lincoln to
his frd joshua speed….YOU KNOW MY DESIRE
WILL NEVER CEASE.HBD to two great gems….


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