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I have felt the warmth of sun in your smile
The gentle caress of the perfumed evening breeze in your touch
The taste of the elixir of life in your kiss
And the intoxication of being drunk in your love

The colours now seem sharper
And the days, longer and fairer

I do not know how it all came to be
All these feelings with their healing
But I have been touched to know
Things can never be the same with or without you
Music can never be any sweeter
Neither can the stars twinkle any brighter

Because the peak just has to be you

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Rethinking our Priorities as Men – How Important is the Legacy of Fatherhood?

Olakunle Soriyan Blog

I fondly recall the words of James David wolfensohn. James Wolfensohn is the 9th president of the World Bank group. He served meritoriously for two terms of ten years. He is credited among other things with being the first World Bank president to bring attention to the problem of corruption in the area of developmental financing.

Wolfensohn is 80, a husband of one wife of close to 60 years, father of three children and grandfather of seven. On Sunday July 18, 2010 in a guest appearance and engaging interview on One on One with Riz Kahn of Aljazeera,
he was asked by the famous anchor, “How would you like to be remembered?” Looking straight and confidently into the camera, Wolfensohn replied with enthusiastic conviction, “As a decent father.”

This response speaks volume and gives us a perspective of his most cherished legacy. For all his accomplishments in business and the World Bank, his response showed that he prized his role…

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Tips on Leading Teams Through Change

The Leaders Edge Training, Inc.

Tips on Leading Teams Through Change – Sitting back and complaining about the change into teams wont helpKEYS FOR LEADING A TEAM - Barry Cook anybody. Managers sit back and complain about changing into a team’s environment more often when they haven’t directly created the teams they’re assigned to lead — a kind of juvenile response, I think. When a need for teams exists and a manager is asked to lead the effort, well, that’s all part of the job of being a manager. You may feel much of the same stress and confusion that your team members feel during the transition period into teams, but that’s no excuse for adding to the distress with your own bad behavior. When you complain about management above you or grumble over confusion with your own role and when you do little to get the resources your team needs and let everyone know that moving to teams is not a…

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