The great inventor Charles Kettering suggests that we learn to fail intelligently.He said”Once you’ve failed,analyze thr probelm and find out why,because each failure is one more step leading up to the cathedral of success.The only time you dont want to fail is the last time you try. So,its time to try once again.Its not time to give up on trying.Yes you have sat for numerous UTMEs/why not/try it once again.Is yours,getting a lot of big NOs from Job interviews.Dont give up.Its time to apply one more time or you believe strongly,she is meant for you but all you get from her is a big NO while not try the last. Here are three suggestion for turning failure into Success: (1) Honestly face defeatDont live a lie or fake Success. (2) Exploit the failure.That is learn from it.(3) Never use failure as an excuse not to try again.We may not be ever able to reclaim the loss,undo the damage or smoothen the crooked path but we can surely make a new Start.SUCCESS IS FAILURE TURNED INSIDE OUT


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