Carriers seeks Collaboration

PERSONS with Sickle Cell Disorder (SCD)
across the country have stressed the need
for collaborative efforts to break the cycle of
the health disorder, which has jeopardised
the future of many great and promising
persons across the world.
Gathering in Abuja to mark the SCD global
day, the carriers called on Nigerians to
joined hands and fight the yet incurable but
preventable disorder.
One of the carriers and founder of Shirley
Hills Foundation, Shirley Hills, said that Africa,
and particularly Nigeria, suffers more from
the condition.
Hills, who is also the convener of the event,
stressed: “As you may know, the world, the
black race and the Africa continent has
suffered the more from this disorder, with
the future of so many great and promising
children and individuals jeopardised as
result of avoidable actions.
“Being an incurable but preventable disease,
it is high time we joined hands more
strongly to break the sickle cell cycle. Rare
diseases like SCD often don’t get the
attention they deserve.
“Statistics show that 95 per cent of rare
diseases don’t have a single FDA-approved
drug treatment – there are only 400
treatments approved to treat some 7,000
rare diseases believed to be affecting people
“It’s clearly enough to say that with more
awareness and education, this cause can
get the much-needed attention it deserves.”
She disclosed that her foundation has
launched a new initiative called RedBlood
Crescents Afrique to mark the World Sickle
Cell Day 2015, and that the initiative would
further promote awareness and advocacy
for the prevention, management and control
of SCD in Africa as well as provide support
and succour to carriers of the trait and
sufferers through counselling, treatment,
awareness outreaches and research.
Sickle Cell Disease: Nigeria has
largest cases in the world –
Sickle Cell Disease: Nigeria has largest cases


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