Pius Adesanmi
The problem now is not Patience Jonathan.
The problem is Citizen Patriot. She returned
from Germany and swore that she was never
hospitalized. She cursed those who insisted
on the truth and Citizen Patriot joined in the
curse-fest. Citizen Patriot prowled social
media, cursing civic-minded citizens, labelling
people haters of Nigeria and haters of the
first family in ignorant rants betraying his
equation of Nigeria with Nigeria’s mis-rulers.
Now she’s recanted and claims to be Nigeria’s
equivalent of Lazarus. No apologies. No
explanations for the barefaced lies. Citizen
Patriot, worse than Malcolm X’s house nigger,
is at work again, cursing haters of Nigeria i.e.
haters of the first family and bla and bla and
bla. Why can’t you guys just rejoice over her
recovery and miraculous healing? Don’t
bother trying to remind Citizen Patriot that he
was out here in September cursing those
who insisted on the truth of this illness. No
way to explain to Citizen Patriot that haters
only exist in his fevered mind and that those
he rails against actually understand how the
Nigerian establishment manufactured his
mind. I say if we find a way to re-educate this
mind, we may stand a chance in 2015 and
beyond. Those who hope to sustain the
status quo in 2015 and beyond have only one
weapon they rely on: Citizen Patriot’s mind.



Awofaa Gogo Abite AL-Africa
One thing about the Nigerian mentality is the
“overdose syndrome”
We tend to be drunk with everything good or
bad around us.
I’m proud that super eagles won the
AFCON2013, not only that but for the fact that
it has given us a euphoric relief from the main
problems we are facing.
I also believe that those that worked should
be paid and rewarded if necessary, but the
excessive media attention, gifts and
parliament sitting in honor of football got me
Let me explain myself for clarity’s sakes, which
means I’m not implying that the team
shouldn’t have been rewarded, governor
Amechi gave the eagles 100,000 dollars but
the university of SCIENCE AND TECHONOLGY has
been striking for quite a while, which case
requires more attention and funds? Dangote
also made his own but being the richest black
man who took over the cement sector and
over night skyrocketed the price, ever since
cement never got cheaper, nor is there any
NGO in his name to help the suffering
population of his nation.
Adenuga also made his waves and other
politicians also. Nigerians never bothered
asking these donations what are their
sources? Are these hard earned monies or
embezzled funds allocated to a various
On the other side (for the back stage
politicians), is there really anything we can do
to encourage hardworking Nigerians
especially the youths, who makes up 70% of
the population. Imagine If the first Nigerian
doctor to perform kidney transplant was
rewarded and celebrated what message
could that have passed to others especially
the youths? But we can’t do that he didn’t win
Imagine if we fund and support the Nigerian
who is researching on HIV/AIDS cure and the
result comes out positively? What message
would that have passed to the nation and the
youths? Oh we can’t do that cos we are
If these can be done we have psychologically
encouraged the youths for the thirst of hard
work that will benefit the people.
Wining AFCON is very god but it doesn’t make
a nation great because the prize can be
afforded by most Nigerian politicians, rather
technology and sciences, humanity, love and
unity does. Spain also won the world cup and
European cup, how much money and honor
did their government lavish? Is Nigeria richer
and more developed and more advanced
technologically and mentally than Spain? Or
do Nigerian politicians always wait for an
excuse to waste funds?
I beseech thee, let’s also honor those Nigerian
brave soldiers who gave their lives for peace
in other countries and whose family was
never compensated or living in poverty, let’s
honor those who spend years of unending
studies and researchers to improve our lives. I
will not be making sense because if the man
that designed the national flag is living in
poverty then……
If the future of this nation depends on the
youths than I’m really sorry for Nigerian
because our system encourages us to win
BBA, BE MUSICIANS and not scientists,
researches or inventors.
To those who misunderstood the content of
this message, an African proverb says “when
abnormality lasts for years it becomes a