Wow!! Thirty-one days is gone like that in year 2014.Its by the grace of God we are not consume.Life,we must not forget,is a gift hence we must always have an attitude of gratitude.Forget the past disappointment,Remember the good memories and look forward expectantly for the best.I think friends,Its time to start counting our blessings.When we think deep enough,we would have enough deep reasons to be thankful for.Its time to start counting…..God’s favour in our life.Dont procastinate write it Down. In this month,You shall get*Favorable news from Friends,Families and even Foes*Empowered to Exterminate your Enemies*Bountiful Blessings Beyond human Beliefs*Released from all limitations*Unusual Unction for Uncommon Favour*Angelic Vistations*to Reign&Remembered by the Righteous God*Yield unusual harvest&profits.Happy new months peeps